Time. Your most valuable commodity. We recognize that the style in which you and your valued guests travel creates a lasting impression. Consider one of the world’s leading jet charter companies – whether you require a customized 777 for an incentive or an executive jet for an unrivalled experience.  Invenia sources private aviation companies that “sequester 100% of carbon emissions” from all flights booked.  Travel in style while making the much needed commitment to the environment.


A luxury cruise or private yacht charter is the ideal way to reward your team, providing the flexibility to customize ports of call. The best designed incentive program or meeting is one which truly motivates and rewards all participants. Our selection of luxury ships offers the finest appointments, exquisite surroundings and a wide range of all-inclusive amenities. Invenia helps you discover the best in luxury cruising for your next incredible journey.


Silver Nova

The luxury Silver Nova leads Silversea’s fleet into Sustainable Cruising.

Silver Nova’s innovative and sustainable design propels Silversea into the future of cruising.  Using the most advanced technologies, she will be “the first hybrid, luxury ship free of emissions while in port.”  The Silver Nova utilizes sustainable power sources such as a Hydrogen fuel cell system and advanced battery technologies.  The unique asymmetrical design enhances the open floor plan, offering extensive unobstructed views.  Silversea, and their flagship Silver Nova, present world-class luxury cruising.

“Our vision for the Nova Class is one of openness, of seamless connection to the sea and the ship’s destinations.”

Robert Martinoli, CEO of Silversea Cruises

Join the Silver Nova on her inaugural journeys.  Bon Voyage!